Convex Cover

Convex Cover

"Bombeli Kapak Bileşenleri" are designs with rounded and curved lines found in various furniture components. These furniture pieces, unlike flat or angular ones, offer an elegant and aesthetic appearance. Convex furniture is often used in different furniture components such as sliding doors, drawers, tables, and display cabinets. It is specially designed to create space-saving solutions in various fields like caravans, boats-yachts, tiny houses, furniture, construction, and carpentry. It brings an aesthetic and spacious touch to our minimal living spaces, providing space efficiency per square meter. Thanks to the use of laminate on its surface, this product has a superior structure, offering durability and an aesthetically rich choice.

Convex Cover Features

high_quality High quality
new_releases Class I Product
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• Design Aesthetics

• Comfort and Ergonomics

• Functionality

• Production Techniques

• Edge Treatments

• Durability and Maintenance

• Customization

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