G-Ext EBC exterior decorative panels are produced by pressing impregnated kraft paper and EBC (Electron Beam Curing) treated decor papers under high pressure and temperature.

G-EXT EBC Features

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• G-Ext EBC ® exterior decorative panels delay contamination thanks to their smooth and non-porous surface.
• Allows easy cleaning.
• It has fire retardant properties.
• It does not melt during a fire, does not form fire drops, does not catch fire easily, does not explode, and does not emit poisonous gas.
• It has very high resistance to impact and mechanical pressure.
• It does not contain asbestos - chlorite - toxic substances.
• It is resistant to bending, bending and scratches.
• It has high resistance to abrasion and cracking.
• It is economical and suitable in terms of its technical features and durability.
• It can be easily processed, cut to size, drilled and shaped easily.
• Provides high resistance to moisture and steam. It is not affected by chemicals originating from the atmosphere.
• Warranty period is 10 years.

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