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GÜLMAR LAMİNAT PANEL® is produced as a panel for use in modular furniture, office furniture, all types of bedroom, dining, and youth room furniture, particularly in kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. The product boasts superior features such as increased resistance to scratching, hygiene, ease of cleaning, and resistance to moisture and mold, thanks to its enhanced surface durability. Offered in two different panel forms, MDF or Particleboard, with dimensions of 1220 x 2440 and a wide range of colors, GÜLMAR LAMİNAT PANEL® provides a vast array of product alternatives. Designed with a focus on environmental and human health in its production stages and usage areas, it is made available to manufacturers for decorating living spaces and architectural solutions.

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Lamination Options

MDF is tougher and more durable than particleboard because its fibers are distributed more evenly, and it has a lower density. For this reason, MDF is commonly preferred in furniture production, cabinet doors, and interior decoration. It also provides a suitable surface for laminate coating.>

Particleboard, in comparison to MDF, has a lower density and can contain larger voids in its structure. Particleboard panels can be a more economical option and are used in the production of lightweight furniture and decorative items. However, they are less durable than MDF and may offer less resistance to scratches.

GÜLMAR LAMİNAT PANEL® offers a wide range of products that include both MDF and particleboard panels. Each material provides suitable options for specific use cases and requirements. MDF panels offer a more durable and sturdy surface, while particleboard panels can be chosen as a more economical option. Both MDF and particleboard panels, when combined with laminate coating, provide an aesthetic appearance and additional protection, allowing for the creation of long-lasting and stylish furniture and decoration products.

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