Plywood Laminate Panel

Plywood Laminate Panel

GÜLMAR PLYWOOD LAMINATE PANEL is a high-quality material produced ready for use in products such as furniture, office furniture, kitchen, and bathroom cabinet doors. Thanks to the Gentaş Laminate pressed onto Poplar Plywood, Birch Plywood, and Okoume Plywood, this product has a superior structure, offering durability and aesthetic richness. Panels produced with the GÜLMAR Quality through the hot lamination process provide an extra sheet quality compared to standard sheet lamination. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for long-lasting and stylish furniture designs."

Plywood Laminate Panel Features

high_quality High quality
new_releases Class I Product
emoji_events Award Winning Products
  • Caravan Sector
  • Yacht Sector
  • Tiny House Sector
  • Furniture and Decoration Sector

Plywood Laminate Panels are easily workable, cuttable, drillable, and suitable for milling. Additionally, they are user-friendly in terms of cleaning and have a high resistance to dirt accumulation. Thanks to their lightweight structure, they are preferred in various applications such as caravans, yachts, tiny houses, furniture, cladding, construction, and carpentry. The type and quality of the material may vary depending on the intended use. Therefore, it is essential to consider the specifications and classifications provided by the manufacturer when selecting the right material."

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