WC Compct Cabin

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WC Compct Cabin

"Toilet Compact Cabin WC Partition Systems are one of the essential components in your business's restroom, reflecting the quality and standards of your establishment. Whether you are considering replacing your restroom cabins or planning a restroom renovation, we can provide you with our services based on our principle of quick delivery.

WC COMPACT CABIN, used in crowded spaces with high human density, such as gym locker rooms, shower cabins, public restrooms, and toilets, shopping malls, restaurants' kitchens, hospitals and schools, hotels, etc., can be used without deformation.

Delivery times vary depending on the project size and color selection. GÜLMAR WC cabin systems can be supplied either flat-packed with installation instructions or fully assembled at the Gülmar factory and assembled by the customer or GÜLMAR installers.

To request a price quote, you can call 0 (506) 107 84 26 right away. You can also send your inquiries and project details via WhatsApp. For inquiries and quotes, you can email"

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